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I'm Georgie Watts
I'm Georgie Watts

Blogger, Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Coach & More

Thank you for finding yourself at the Female Confidence Network! It is my absolute pleasure to have you here. My name is Georgie, & for several years now, I have invested in my own Personal Development and gained experience in a number of roles, including public sector work, business-building, lifestyle blogging and soon coaching too. My passion to bring your confidence to the forefront & open the doors to true contentment is at the heart of everything I do. I believe that every single woman has a wealth of untapped potential within them and that I am the person who can help you bring that to the surface.

I remember how it felt to know I had more to give the world, but didn't have the confidence to put myself out there. A very tough journey of self-reflection followed & my experiences have left me well-placed to empathise & support other ladies who need to push past those all too common barriers of Imposter Syndrome & fear of failure to achieve a feeling of complete self-assurance.

To learn more about my story, check out the About Me section linked below. I hope this website gives you the value you've been craving - Welcome once again & please enjoy the content!

Georgie x
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